2018 Carvention Registration Form

Registration fees are $25 per Car/Truck and $15 for Bikes.

All Vehicle Spaces are 10x20 and all Motorcycle spaces are 10x10 unless otherwise arranged. We STRONGLY recommend stanchions around your display. And…. YES, Pictures are required.

Personal Information

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Vehicle Information

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Please send payments to:
P.O Box 271226
Salt Lake City, UT 84127

Disclaimer and Acceptance of Event Terms:
I hereby agree, Carvention Staff or Sponsors or anyone associated with the Carvention – Auto-Con Car Show/Event, and/or anyone else connected with the presentation or management of this event, Shall not be responsible for damage, Injury or theft during the events. Entrants will be held responsible for any damage they or their members or staff may cause. Entrants and their guests agree to permit Carvention to use their names and pictures for publication purposes, before, during and after the event at no cost to Carvention. Management and staff of Carvention reserves the right to refuse admittance to or to dismiss anyone acting in bad conduct at our discretion. All entrants agree to have his/her vehicle in a safe operating condition and have automobile liability insurance meeting State law requirements. By submitting this registration form I hereby release and discharge the Carvention Management/staff or sponsors of any liability or claim from myself and/or my family.