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Fri Feb 23th 12-10p - Sat 24th 9a-10p - Sun 25th 9a-5p

Thanks for the interest in Utah’s newest “Off season” Indoor Automotive Show.. Come and join in on three days of Hot-Rod and Classic Car style fun. Our Facility is filled with the most beautiful “Rides” and the atmosphere is set with Style, Artwork, and Music.

AS you may be aware, this is a New show in our area. But run by the same crew that has been managing another show for the past 40 years. I was searching for a far bigger facility to hold this event, each place we interviewed, most had their own problems.. rental costs, floor size, parking charges… Location… etc…
Our goal was to offer an New indoor Winter Automotive show for our area, offer very fair registration prices as well as entry/gate prices. FREE PARKING had to be one of the most important items.. kinda silly to lower one price to where they should be, then occur a charge to park. So we are very proud to offer... FREE PARKING.
Another goal was to recognize our service personnel.. so, we are very proud to present, “Freedom Friday” $5.00 Admission fee for Veterans, Police Fire, EMT’s… These fine people “lay it on the line” for us, we need to say Thank you in return. We are planning around 150 spaces this year, but that is the size of the building. This building is usually used as a Equestrian building, they hold rodeos, riding events and several trade shows there.. so.. We are parking on a hard CLEAN PLASTIC floor. BUT, lets discuss the show floor.. although it is dirt, .. they will wet it, pack it, roll it, then place a plastic barrier on it then roll another plastic floor like the snap together flooring used in shops and garages. We are also Carpeting it.

General Public Admission $10.00
Discount coupons available at NAPA Automotive facilities.
Automotive registrations are available online: REGISTER HERE
Vehicle Registration is $25.00
Motorcycle Registration is $15.00
Display and an auction featuring the talents of our local Pin stripers.
Looking for Rat Fink Collectibles?? … Trixie and her very capable staff will have a very nice display at CARVENTION 2018.
We have a live Band Scheduled, One of the feature Bands out of Salt Lake, Hondo John and the “DNR” band check out their FaceBook page - HERE
Be sure to check out Utah Rides, Fantastic articles ..and more on the way!

Award Sponsorship Package $ 2000.00
4 custom made award plaques featuring your business logo, winner to be selected by you or your staff..
20x20 End of aisle premium Commercial space
4 family passes.
6 individual passes.

We also have Commercial spaces available..
Commercial Space information..
10x10 - $200
10x20 - $350
10x30 - $475
10x40 - $575
Please email us for availability… (Automotive related products preferred)
Premium end of aisle spaces available .. $125 additional.

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